the moon's so bright,
you can drive with your headlights out

Mentally and physically exhausted

I’m tired of people lying to me.

My hopelessness comes out in sobs,
and I hold my breath to keep quiet.

The one I want to sooth my cries
doesn’t want to touch me now.

It’s not the first time I’ve been left behind,
as I am impossible to love.

I always fall too hard,
and always give more than I have.

And now I am just the empty shell of a person,
drowning in my own worthlessness.

All because I want someone to look at me
and feel a burning passion in their soul.

I want someone to look at me
and know that I will be worth their while.

I want someone to look at me
and love me.

I want to be loved and cherished,
I want to be pinned away for.

I want to be dreamt of and sung of
and craved.

I want the things
I will never receive.

My emptiness comes out in sobs,
but I hold my breath to keep quiet.

Because while I’m shattering inside,
I want you to have your peace.

I feel worthless.

Anonymous asked: bet you wouldn't say that to their face lol!

are you referring to the post about those people who lie to make their point? Because I have. Several times. Just ask my ex-boyfriend/best friend.

He put his lips on mine
and I fell for him so easily.
And he felt too much guilt
to be honest with me.

So he beat around the bush
and pretended I was his everything.
But I should have looked harder
to see I was nothing.

I never have been.
He just wanted to spare me the heart ache.
Which I guess is pretty kind.
But it was inevitable for my heart to break.

have you ever known one of those people that lies about how they would react just to make their point?

like, “How would you feel if I cheated on you?!” "Oh, I’d be chill with it. You’re over reacting." 

or, “What if I stole something from you??” “I probably would’t care and just get another.”

you’re lying through your disgusting, prideful, teeth.